How to install a CAB file
on a Win. PPC Phone

  First of all you need to find and download the program you want to install.

  When the download process is complete you need to copy the CAB file and paste it somewhere on your device

  I personally recommend to do this at the Storage Card.

  Note that some applications are zipped so you need to unarchive them to have the CAB file.

  Now you need to open pocket pc's File Explorer, located into the Programs. Browse the storage card or the location you used to copy the CAB.

  When you select and run it, a windows will appear, which asks you to Choose a location to install the program.

  It can be your Device or the Storage Card, so select your choice and click below on Install.

  The process after that is fully automated and after the installation is complete it will show you confirmation screen.

  This is all you need to do to install CAB files to your Windows Mobile Pocket PC device.

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